2,000 Allegany County locations still without power as windchills drop to below -30

WINTER STORM UPDATE #4: Nearly 2,000 customers remain without electricity in Allegany County, NY, tonight, as wind chill temperatures, having reached below -30 degrees a few hours ago at the Wellsville Airport have recovered minimally.

New York State Electric and Gas (NYSEG) outages in northeastern parts of the county actually have grown by a handful, although the 812 at this writing show a somewhat different distribution.

Nearly all in the Town of Grove (463 out of 470 customers) are without power, along with 232 out of 263 in the Town of Birdsall. Other lesser numbers are in adjoining areas.

Rochester Gas and Electric (RG&E) has made progress from our previous report, with 1,128 outages at this time, down from 2,074, although 184 now are identified without power in the Towns of Wirt/Bolivar, instead of all from Central Allegany County north.

Primary outages are 343 out of 397 locations in the Town of Allen, 266 in the Town of Amity, and 144 in Caneadea. The utility reports power to be restored in Fillmore and the remainder of the Town of Hume.

No outages are being noted by National Grid following earlier reports today of nearly 100 south of Whitesville and a handful in the Town of Cuba.

At the Wellsville Airport reporting site
At 9PM at the Wellsville Airport, air temperatures were at five degrees below zero which, when combined with southwest winds of 23MPH and gusts to 48MPH, resulted in -30 degree windchills during the past hour.

Air temperatures had been slightly lower earlier, with gusts as high as 51MPH and windchills reaching -32.

Forecasters project temperatures to remain at those levels through sunrise Saturday, after which they will rise slowly but still remain at sub-zero windchills during the day.

Weather Resources page available
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The site also contains many preparedness and prevention information links, such as those in the accompanying graphic, for coping safely with adverse weather conditions. Previous posts also provide additional information.

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For power outage reports and to report outages, go to:
– National Grid: http://ngrid.com/3hwDxYV
– Rochester Electric and Gas (RG&E): http://bit.ly/3aYnWzP
– New York State Electric and Gas (NYSEG): http://bit.ly/3o6vYKW.|
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