2023 election season now underway for county and local government offices

Local elections season started with the last day of February yesterday, with the Allegany County Board of Elections warning that any signatures collected before that are invalid.

The department notes there are positions open for county district attorney, county clerk and four coroners, along with a variety of other local government posts, the most recent list of which appear at the bottom of this story.

Most village elections are on a different, earlier schedule.

Nominating petitions for party designations can be filed with the Board of Elections from Monday, April 3, through Thursday, April 6.

Independent nominating processes won’t start until Tuesday, April 18, with the start of signature collections, and run through Tuesdays, May 23-30, for petition filings.

All candidates, regardless of the amount of money being spent on a campaign, including none, now are required to file campaign finance statements with the state.

All types of information on elections, including past results, are available on the Allegany County Board of Elections website at http://bit.ly/3ELQdaY, or (585) 268-9294 or (585)-268-9295.