30-Hour Wind Chill Advisory issued for Allegany County north

BREAKING – EARLY ALERT: National Weather Service (NWS) forecast offices at Buffalo, Binghamton and State College, Pa., have issued WIND CHILL ADVISORIES for Allegany and surrounding counties in New York and Pennsylvania, effective for more than a 24-hour period, starting at 4AM tomorrow until noon Saturday, depending on location.

Accompanying alerts have been noted to limit time outside, with frostbite being able to occur to exposed skin in less than half an hour.

A consolidated chart from the National Weather Service (NWS) for Central Allegany County, which accompanies this report, shows air and wind chill temperatures, wind speed and gusts, and snow potential and amounts, along with timings, for the next 48 hours, from this morning until the same time Saturday, just before temperatures are projected to start rising.

Full charts for all locations are available on the lower right side of local weather pages, available through the Search feature on most NWS sites.

Advisories for Allegany, Cattaraugus, Wyoming and Livingston and Wyoming counties are in effect from 4AM Friday through 10AM Saturday, Potter and McKean counties in Pennsylvania from 5AM tomorrow through 7AM Saturday, and Steuben County from 7AM Friday to noon Saturday.

Temperatures will rise today, after a cold start, reach afternoon highs, and then start the plunge in which temperatures Friday only will be in the single digits, with wind chills at sub-zero temperatures some 20 degrees less.

The NWS advises to “dress in layers and cover exposed skin. Wear a hat and gloves. Frostbite and hypothermia can occur if precautions are not taken. Review winter weather safety and preparedness information at weather.gov/winter.”

Be Aware. Be Prepared. Stay Safe.TM and continue to monitor for updates. Hold off travel during possible snow squall forecast periods. Also, be cognizant of the needs of children, the disabled and elderly, and pets, along with possible loss of power and cell phone drains.

Additional details for specific areas, including links to timing, are available on our exclusive Allegany County Weather Resources page at https://bit.ly/3YAlcPI on this website or through the link in the left column of this page.
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