4-H provides Head, Heart, Hands and Health growth for children and youth

Eleven-year-old Sarah Wilson addresses the Allegany County Board of Legislators, while her brother, Jeffrey, awaits his turn in background and Board Chair Philip Stockin, Cornell University Cooperative Extension – Allegany County President Kevin LaForge, Laura Hunsberger, executive director, from left, and other Extension and county staff look on.

Allegany County, NY, children and youth are able to learn and grow in a multitude of areas as they focus on the Head, Heart, Hands and Health of 4-H.

This is the message of two members of the Allegany County 4H Program, which is under the Cornell University Cooperative Extension – Allegany County, who just finished observing last week’s 4-H Week.

Eleven-year-old Sarah Wilson and brother, Jeffrey, a year older, provided an earlier overview to Allegany County legislators about what they have been learning during the multiple years they have been involved in 4-H activities.

Sarah, who raises and shows many different animals, told lawmakers she has had to research to educate herself, budget and keep records, and show and market animals as she gains knowledge, dedication, leadership and learns to make better choices in life and give back to the community.

“4-H kids become leaders of tomorrow,” said her brother, as they learn problem-solving, record keeping, communication, responsibility and respectability, some of the components involved in the Head, Heart, Hands and Health focus of 4-H.

Children ages five through seven are eligible for the Cloverbud program, with those eight to 18 being able to enroll as regular 4-H members.

Local 4-H groups in various parts of the county have different focuses which can include various areas of agriculture, life skills, and other specific interests.

Further information is available at kah248@cornell.edu or (585) 268-7644.

The presentations on 4-H Week to the county Board of Legislators are available at https://bit.ly/3ef9dEM at approximately 12:45 minutes, with testimonies from the Wilson youth as to what they have learned at approximately 16 minutes.
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