A few power outages this morning with higher risk of Allegany County severe weather today

Thursday Update #1 – 9:49AM: The National Weather Service at Binghamton has issued a HEAT ADVISORY EXTENSION for Steuben County east by a day until 8PM Friday due to a forecast for continuing high heat indexes tomorrow.
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Just over 100 electric subscribers were without power this morning in Allegany County after another train-like effect of severe thunderstorms moved from southwest to northeast late last night, resulting in torrential downpours, wind and hail, and also spawning a Flash Flood Warning in the northeastern part of the county.

The risk of severe weather increases today from Marginal to Slight (second level on a scale of five) for Allegany and all or parts of surrounding counties, according to forecasts from the National Weather Service (NWS) Storm Prediction Center (SPC) in Norman, Okla. The risk of hail will increase into the Marginal level (a five to fourteen percent chance).

Storms during the past three days all have occurred under the Marginal Risk category.

At the same time, there is a Marginal Risk of excessive rain again today for a similar geography, being repeated for Southern Allegany County and neighboring Pennsylvania areas Friday, and for the entire region again on Sunday, according to the NWS Weather Prediction Center (WPC) in College Park, Md.

At 6AM Thursday, 105 Rochester Gas and Electric (RGE) customers were listed without power, presumably due to last night’s storms, with 49 in Allen, which includes Angelica and Fillmore addresses, 42 in Angelica, and 14 in Bolivar. There were another 303 New York State Electric and Gas outages in Eastern Steuben County, including a few with Allegany County addresses.

Additional weather-related information for the next few days include:

— A HEAT ADVISORY remains in effect for Western and some Central New York counties to the east until 8PM today. The weather alert won’t expire for many Central New York counties until 8PM Friday, and will continue for bordering Potter and McKean counties in Pennsylvania and beyond until 8PM Saturday.

— Despite expiration of the advisory, maximum heat indexes in Central Allegany County, are forecast to hug just under 90 degrees through Saturday, together with humidity continuing at or just above the “oppressive” level of 70.

— Although Meteorological Summer (June 1 through August 31) already has been underway for nearly three weeks, Astronomical Summer will begin at 4:51 this afternoon, with the arrival of the Summer Solstice when the Northern Hemisphere experiences the longest period of sunlight, or the longest day of the year. Sunset in Central Allegany County will occur at 8:52PM.

Local weather component charts, which also include graphs of various weather aspects for a week’s period as it progresses, may be obtained through the Impact-Based Decision Support Services (IDSS) website which can be found in our exclusive Allegany Hope Weather Resources, linked from the left column of this page, or at https://tinyurl.com/AH-Weather-Resources.

A chart can be obtained for any community in the United States or its territories by using the Search feature at the top of that page. Other links provide access to Doppler radar which can be used for tracking storms and additional timely information.

Be Aware. Be Prepared. Stay Safe.TM, remain indoors during high temperature periods, if possible, continue to check on the elderly and disabled, monitor children, pets, and those working outdoors, and keep up on weather updates.

Heat Safety Tips and Resources are available at https://tinyurl.com/NWS-Heat-Tips.

Bookmarking appropriate NWS pages can help obtain the most timely information on forecast changes.

Allegany Hope is a Weather-Ready Nation AmbassadorTM and, due to Allegany County’s location being in or bordering three NWS forecast offices, Allegany Hope Weather Resources provides forecast and other information from the NWS at Buffalo for Allegany County north and west, Binghamton for Steuben County east, and State College, Pa., for Potter and McKean counties in Pennsylvania, along with regional and national data.

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