About Us ….

Allegany Hope, Inc., is a nonprofit organization located in Allegany County, NY, which is focused on Building Healthy Communities Through Healthy Families from a Christian perspective by providing information on various aspects of holistic health – physical, mental/emotional and spiritual – which become the cornerstones, when in balance, for healthy and satisfying lives for individuals and families.

We seek to accomplish this vision through current and new integrated ministries which outreach to churches and communities, helping to build awareness about and bringing together resources to help address a broad range of issues which often are unnoticed or ignored.

Our Community News and activities elements are designed to help educate the public about activities and topics of importance which can help strengthen their everyday lives.

We seek volunteer Ambassadors to help spread the word about what is happening as we seek to bring together people and resources to help address any number of these issues in which individuals have an interest.

If you have a passion for most any situation within this broad spectrum, please connect with us at AlleganyHopeWNY@outlook.com or (484) 435-0503 to learn more and to serve as an Ambassador for helping others.