Adverse Allegany County winter conditions lessening but still dangerous

WINTER STORM UPDATE #5: Some sun and minimal new snowfall may give a false impression of the continuing WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY in Allegany County, NY, through 7PM Christmas Day, but blowing snow, high wind gusts and sub-zero windchills remain today as dangers.

Over 100 locations still were without power shortly before 9AM this morning, according to utility reports, all in the central part of the county north.

The greatest concentrations continue to be 51 New York State Electric and Gas (NYSEG) outages, almost evenly split between the Towns of Birdsall and Grove.

Rochester Electric and Gas (RG&E) is reporting 43, with 15 of those in Friendship and 14 in Hume.

National Grid is recording 35 total in two areas in the Town of Centerville.

Re-check outage status
Those without power are encouraged to check status at
– National Grid:
– Rochester Electric and Gas (RG&E):
– New York State Electric and Gas (NYSEG):
due to potential utility crew assumptions that a repair in one area has taken care of all outages, thereby removing an individual location from their list.

As shown on the National Weather Service (NWS) chart accompanying this story, estimated windchills in Central Allegany County still are below -20 degrees, with an air temperature below zero at 9AM.

Windchills still at extreme levels
Windchills, after an overnight low reaching -32 at the Wellsville Airport, aren’t projected to rise above -13 today in Central Allegany County, with wind gust reaching close to 40MPH. However, the NWS is forecasting wind gusts moving close to 50MPH in various parts of the county due to varying local conditions.

High wind gusts are forecast to end around sunrise Sunday, with air temperatures lifting into the teens, and wind chills nearing zero in some locations before dropping again during the afternoon and nighttime hours. Suface winds still will be around 20MPH for most of Sunday.

More information available
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