Air Quality Alert is in effect for Friday for much of New York State

BREAKING: Allegany County and most of New York State is under its first AIR QUALITY ALERT of the season today as ground ozone levels increase.

The State Department of Environmental Conservation at Albany has issued an Air Quality Health Advisory from 11AM to 11PM Friday, with the Air Quality Index (AQI) rising above 100. The higher the AQI value, the greater the health concern.

When pollution levels are elevated, the State Department of Health recommends that individuals consider limiting strenuous outdoor physical activity to reduce the risk of adverse health effects.

“People who may be especially sensitive to the effects of elevated levels of pollutants include the very young and those with pre-existing respiratory problems such as asthma or heart disease,” according to the Alert. “Those with symptoms should consider consulting their personal physician.”

Additional information is available at, or at the Air Quality Hotline at (800) 535-1345.

Weather is significantly mixed over the next week
In other weather-related news, warm temperatures will continue through the weekend, according to the National Weather Service (NWS) at Buffalo, with some chance of scattered showers, before dropping sharply as a cold front moves through the area.

Snow and slushy conditions are even possible in higher elevations Monday night into Tuesday, it says, before warming up toward the end of next week, with Fire Weather Risk returning to parts of Allegany County on Wednesday and Thursday.

A statewide outdoor Fire Ban, regardless of Alert status, continues through the middle of May, with violators subject to criminal and civil enforcement actions which include a minimum fine of $500 for a first offense. Open burn ban regulations are available at

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