Alert in regard to Allegany Hope Facebook page may be subject to hacker attempt

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Allegany Hope has received an online notice, purportedly from Facebook, saying that one of our Facebook accounts is restricted due to violation of community standards and will be locked within 24 hours if we don’t respond.

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  • UPDATE – WARNING: Also be careful with Comments to our Notice post on Facebook. It drew what appeared to be an overseas hacker who tried to get readers to click on a link for someone who can provide FBI assistance to help anyone having encountered a hacker.

    That post has been removed and that commenter blocked, but we may not be able to discover and remove any others quick enough before someone falls for a scam so, again, be careful with all online activity.
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The notice has a typographical error in it and also doesn’t identify the account or Facebook’s community standard being violated.

Since the notice appeared to be from Facebook, we proceeded to appeal the decision and attempt to determine the specific cause.

However, when the page to which we were directed requested our identification information, we received a warning that the page to which information was being sent isn’t secure.

Since we are unsure of whether this is a fake notification, or an attempt by a hacker to obtain information, we want to advise our readers that if you are unable to obtain future Facebook posts because an account is locked for some unknown reason, our full posts, as noted in each report we make on Facebook, are available on this Allegany Hope website.

Please bookmark and check this website, which provides more information, is easier-to-read and can be searched for prior articles, if we suddenly come up missing on one of our Facebook pages.

We apologize for any inconvenience. Please let others know of this issue, as deemed appropriate. And, always be on alert for situations in which a hacker may be attempting to glean personal information or take over an online account which you may have.

Thank you.