Allegany and most surrounding counties under Winter Weather Advisory as projected snow totals increase

New National Weather Service projected snow totals, starting at 1PM today. Some areas also are projecting a glaze of ice during storm.

BREAKING: Allegany and all surrounding counties, other than Livingston, now are under a WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY, starting as early as 1PM today and continuing through various times Tuesday morning, due to some higher projected snow totals, potential icing in some areas, and wind gusts approaching 40MPH at times.

Current county Advisories in effect are:
Allegany, Cattaraugus and Wyoming: 1PM today through 6AM Tuesday.
Steuben east: 6PM today through 10AM Tuesday.
Potter, Pa.: 4PM today through 9AM Tuesday.
McKean, Pa.: 2PM today through 7AM Tuesday.

The US National Weather Service Buffalo NY reports that a “deep storm system over the upper Midwest today will spread a swath of steady…widespread precipitation across our forecast area this afternoon and tonight.”

It forecasts that although the “bulk of the precipitation will fall as rain over far western NY, a wintry mix with some snow will occur elsewhere,” with new projected snow totals, which have increased in many areas being shown on the map accompanying this story.

Snowfall projection comparisons
Insets for Steuben County east are from the US National Weather Service Binghamton NY, and for Pennsylvania counties from the US National Weather Service State College PA. Note the differing time span for McKean and Potter counties, Pa.

These can be compared with similar mapping with our weather story from last night.

Be Aware. Be Prepared. Stay Safe.TM and continue to monitor for changes associated with this storm pattern.

Forecasts available for specific locations
Particulars, including timing and icing for specific areas, are available in the Hourly Weather Forecasts found on the right side of local National Weather Service (NWS) pages, accessible through the Search feature on most of those pages.

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