Allegany and surrounding New York counties are under a Drought Watch

BREAKING: Allegany and surrounding New York counties are under a DROUGHT WATCH as of this afternoon as current and future dry conditions are expected to continue through the remainder of the summer.

The State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) issued the alert at the direction of New York Gov. Kathy Hochul and is “encouraging residents in affected counties, particularly those dependent on private groundwater wells, to conserve water whenever possible during the coming weeks.”

The Watch is the first level of response to abnormally dry conditions, with homeowners being asked to voluntarily reduce outdoor water use and:
— Water lawns only when necessary, choose watering methods that avoid waste, and water in the early morning to reduce evaporation and maximize soil hydration;
— Reuse water collected in rain barrels, dehumidifiers, or air conditioners to water plants;
— Raise lawn mower cutting heights. Longer grass is healthier with stronger roots and needs less water;
— Use a broom, not a hose, to clean driveways and sidewalks; and
— Fix leaking pipes, hoses, and faucets.

As we have been reporting, the U.S. Drought Monitor has been listing parts of Allegany County as Abnormally Dry since May 17 and having Moderate Drought as of a week ago Tuesday.

The map accompanying this story shows the state-designated Drought Watch area, with the inset outlining the U.S. Drought Monitor listings, with brown delineating a Moderate Drought area and yellow as Abnormally Dry.

Further information and a current map from the state is available at, with national maps and descriptions at

No watches have been issued yet in Pennsylvania.
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