Allegany County Democrats ahead in percent of their enrollment who already have voted

May be an image of text that says 'ALLEGANY COUNTY EARLY AND ABSENTEE VOTING TOTALS Party Affiliation Democratic Republican Conservative Working Families naffiliated/Other Parties Totals Total Early Enrollment Voting Percent 5,425 515 9.49% 13,434 862 6.42% 475 23 4.84% 133 3.01% 6,807 3.75% 26,274 6.31% Absentees as of 11/7/22 Issued** Returned Percent 379 214 56. 46% 527 276 52.37% 14 50.00% 1 100.00% 194 48.97% 1,115 53.18% 255 1,659 Anyone who was issued an Absentee Ballot and has decided not to eturn rather than on voting machine. Overall Percent 13.44% 8.47% 6.32% 3.76% 5.14% 8.57% 95 593 will be Affidavit at polling place,'

Over 40 percent more Democrats than Republicans already have voted in tomorrow’s General Election in comparison to their Allegany County-wide enrollment, with Conservatives and Working Families parties, and unaffiliated, often referred to as Blanks or Independents, and other minor parties even farther behind.

Allegany County Board of Elections data shows that 13.44 percent of the 5,426 enrolled Demcrats have voted by absentee, or in Early Voting which ended yesterday, versus the 8.47 percent of Republicans, 6.32 percent of Conservatives, 3.76 percent of Working Families and 5.14 percent of unaffiliated or minor parties.

The biggest difference results from Early Voting, which occurred at Belmont and Wellsville, in which Democrat voters exceeded Republicans by nearly 50 percent when compared with enrollment.

Republican enrollment still outweighs Democrat by a nearly two-and-a-half to one margin — 51 to 20.6 percent — with some 28 percent total being other parties and Blanks.

Our chart, which shows early voting and those having returned absentee ballots accompanies this story.

Regular voting will be held at town polling places from 6AM to 9PM Tuesday, with information on locations, sample ballots, absentee ballots, and more available at, or at or (585) 268-9294.

Voters will cast ballots for U.S. Senate, New York governor, attorney general and comptroller, State Senate and Assembly, State Supreme Court justices, Congress, and some local government contests, including nine in eight Allegany towns which will be decided by write-ins due to no designated party candidates for the positions.

They also will be voting on approval of $4.2 billion in Environmental Bond Act borrowings.
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