Allegany County Hazard Mitigation Plan response and mitigation analysis underway

One of three public meetings in regard to updating Allegany County’s Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP), described as having “a critical role in mitigation planning, flood prevention and emergency response during storm events,” will be held tomorrow morning at Belmont.

The 9AM to 11AM session will be conducted at the Crossroads Center at 6087 State Route 19 North, with two additional gatherings scheduled for the same location and at the same time on Wednesday, January 25, and from 5:30PM to 7:30PM on Monday, January 30.

The Allegany County Planning Department is working with a consultant to review and update the HMP for the county’s 29 towns and 10 villages, last completed in 2018, with current hazard history, vulnerabilities, capabilities, and targeted mitigation projects being examined.

At least one representative from interested entities is invited to participate in one of the identical-format meetings, at which participants will review what hazard mitigation is, the project timeline, the planning process, participation requirements, and next steps.

The HMP allows submission of local grant requests when disasters are declared by state and federal governments.

Municipalities which fail to participate in this process and adopt the resulting Plan will be ineligible to receive future pre-disaster mitigation grant funding.

Attendees are asked to register for the sessions by sending participant names and contact information to Mandi Joyce-Phelps of the county planning department at (585) 268-7449 or

A copy of the current plan is available at

A survey for public input on the current process also will be released at a later date.