Allegany County pancake house featured on CBS News Good Mornings

Reporter Nancy Chen watches as 92-year-old Virginia Cartwright dishes up pancakes during a CBS New Mornings segment on the Cartwright’s Maple Tree Inn in Allegany County.

An Allegany County pancake house, only open nine weeks a year, has drawn the attention of CBS News.

Cartwright’s Maple Tree Inn in the Town of Allen was featured yesterday morning in a Flippin’ for Flap Jacks segment as part of a The Dish feature of CBS Mornings.

CBS’s Nancy Chen interviewed 92-year-old owner, Virginia Cartwright, and her daughter, Rhonda Amidon, for the story about the pancakes and maple syrup business which has been operated by the family for four generations.

The all-you-can-eat pancakes dining only is open during the maple syrup season, drawing thousands from all over the region, and even visitors from throughout the United States and around the world.

The restaurant grew out of the maple syrup business, with Virginia and her husband, Ronald, who died in 2004, opening the facility in 1963 at 4321 County Road 15A, Angelica.

The record consumption of 92 pancakes by one person has stood since the 1970s.

An overview of the operation, including Rhonda serving up 100 buckwheat pancakes in three minutes from a family recipe, appears at, with more about the business at