Allegany County residents will experience divide for Monday’s total eclipse

Allegany County residents in the northwestern part of Allegany County will be able to experience a total solar eclipse for a brief period tomorrow afternoon, weather permitting, while those to the south will only receive a partial view.

Line through center of Allegany County shows the area north of the line which will experience a total eclipse Monday afternoon for various periods of time, while those to the south will see a partial viewing.

The eclipse, the first in Western New York since 1925, almost a century ago, will cross North America Monday, being seen across portions of Mexico, the central and eastern United States, and southeastern Canada.

The path of totality will first enter the United States in Texas, according to the National Weather Service (NWS) and then advance northeast across the Mississippi and Ohio Valleys and reach New York State during the mid-afternoon.

A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun at just the right time and orientation, according to the NWS, with the Moon casting a shadow on a portion of the Earth’s surface.

“Sometimes, the Moon only blocks part of the visible face of the Sun, which results in a partial solar eclipse. On more rare occasions, the Moon entirely blocks the face of the Sun and results in a total solar eclipse,” the forecast agency notes.

“Places in the path of totality, including most of Western and North Central NY, will experience several minutes of darkened sky similar to the twilight seen before sunrise or after sunset,” it explains. “If we have clear skies on the day of the eclipse, an incredible view of the Sun’s corona will be seen during the few minutes of totality.”

The Sun’s corona is normally not visible, except during a total solar eclipse, according to the NWS, noting that the corona is wispy, white streamers of plasma (charged gas) that radiate out from the surface of the sun.

Monday’s weather and other information
The current sky cover forecast for Central Allegany County tomorrow afternoon is above 70 percent.

Allegany County offices, other than essential services, will be closed from noon to 6PM, with schools, some agencies and businesses doing the same for the entire day or various portions.

According to the Western New York Wilds, Allegany County’s tourism branding, the Town of Centerville will experience the longest period of total eclipse, with two minutes and 46 seconds, starting at 3:19:28PM, followed by Wiscoy with two minutes and 35 seconds, and Hume, Fillmore, Houghton, and Grange all above two minutes within a similar time frame. Angelica will experience a minute of total eclipse, with Cuba at an additional eight seconds.

Gradual periods of darkness also will precede and follow the totality.

Medical experts are warning against observing the sun with the naked eye, with various means able to be employed to help offset the danger. However, consumer protection agencies and Amazon are warning that some eclipse eyewear which is being sold as safe are counterfeits and can harm the eyes.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul has issued alerts at, not only in regard to eye but other safety warnings related to travel and scams.

Weather information
An interactive, zoomable map of the path of the eclipse and timings for the entire United States, is available at, with local information from Western New York Wilds at

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