Allegany County school district tax rates more favorable than county and some local governments.

BREAKING – EXCLUSIVE: Allegany County, NY, residents fared much better last year when it came to paying school taxes, in comparison with others around the state, than they did when it came to county and many town and village taxes.

The State Comptroller reports that true value school tax rates in the county were at least 17.7 percent below the highest levels statewide, with the lowest being 8.2 percent from the bottom.

The data compares both the dozen school districts which are centered in the county and seven more which are outside but have geographic boundaries extending into Allegany, from very small portions to significant areas, with 655 others statewide.

In contrast, Allegany County government taxes were second from the top among the 57 counties outside New York City; the 29 towns ranged from the highest in the state to 46.4 percent from the bottom, or just under the mid-point; and two out of 10 villages were within the top 10 percent statewide with all in the highest 30 percent.

Allegany County also has the third highest general sales tax rate in the state, which includes New York City, behind only Erie and Oneida counties.

Our reports on all three of those taxing entities were published Monday on our Allegany Hope website at

The Comptroller’s report is based on 674 school districts in the state, including New York City, although the State Education Department reports 731 on its website.

Our condensation of Allegany County school taxpayer data, sorted by true value tax rates, accompanies this report, along with a column which shows student enrollment.

True value data is determined from state-established equalization rates which are designed to compensate for differences in assessing practices by various local government entities.

The wide variances among county school districts often are related to various aspects of state aid allocations which are likely to change with every state budget.

They also can be more volatile than other governments due to their heavy reliance on the state aid formulas.

Local government taxing data for 2022 isn’t expected until late November.

Information for all local government entities within the state is available for multiple years at
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