Allegany County town tax rates at or near the top in New York State

BREAKING – EXCLUSIVE: As Allegany County, NY, town boards start to finalize and advertise for public hearings on their 2023 operating budgets, property taxpayers already are facing the highest or some of the highest rates in New York State.

An analysis of 2021 true value property taxes for county residents from the State Comptroller — 2022 rates aren’t expected to be available until the end of November — finds five Allegany County towns among the top 10 highest in the state, with 13 in the top five percent and 19 in the top 10 percent.

There are 29 towns in the county out of the 933 statewide.

The Town of Grove was listed as topping the state list last year, with a true value tax rate, based on equalized state assessment ratios, of $14.26 per $1,000 of true valuation.

Belfast was fourth, Alma seventh, New Hudson eighth and Friendship ninth highest in the state.

Only Angelica, at $4.25 per $1,000 of full valuation, was in the bottom half of town rates in the state, coming in at the 46.4 percent level of the total.

A chart of the state and county comparisons, along with any additional tax levies for separate fire or other independent special tax districts, accompanies this story.

Increases or decreases which may have occurred as a result of 2022 budgets aren’t readily available until the Comptroller’s next report.

Other variables for local taxes include additional levies in the 10 villages in Allegany County, including Angelica, which also are shown.

There are 533 of those incorporated entities in the state, with both Wellsville and Cuba being in the top five percent among the state’s villages, and six out of 10 falling in the top 10 percent as it relates to village taxes only. All were within the top 30 percent.

Allegany County property taxes, the second highest in New York State in 2021, with that distinction believed to have been retained this year, together with school taxes, add to individual annual tax bills.

Both county and town tax rates for Allegany properties are based on levies in individual towns, reflecting the true value factor.

Allegany Hope Community News will be publishing additional comparative data this week on both school districts which are centered in the county and those which service Allegany County students which fall within their geographic boundaries.

Tentative town budgets are available for inspection at town clerk offices when they have been advanced for public hearings, with hearing dates also available from those officials.

State Comptroller tax rate data for all local government entities within the state is available for multiple years at
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