Allegany County under Winter Weather Advisory as multiple storm warnings hit region

WEATHER BULLETIN: A long list of various conditions now exist for a dangerous Arctic storm which will move over the region through the Christmas Weekend, with Allegany County now under a WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY from 10AM tomorrow through 7PM Christmas Day.

From a BLIZZARD WARNING in the Greater Buffalo area, to dangerous winds and cold, along with potential for flooding in some areas, each location has its own warnings and advisories as is shown on the maps above and below which accompany this story.

NOTE: The color-coded map only shows one threat. One must go to a U.S. National Weather Service (NWS) page, such as at its national website at, and type in a location in the Search link in the upper left corner to obtain all the alerts for that immediate area.

Information from the US National Weather Service Buffalo NY, shown on the following graphic, also only provides an overview of the Western New York Region and not individual locations.

Different conditions are available for Steuben County east through the US National Weather Service Binghamton NY, and McKean and Potter counties in Pennsylvania through the US National Weather Service State College PA.

Allegany Hope has created a Weather Resources Page at with quick links to resources from all three forecast offices.

Readers are encouraged to bookmark the page, peruse the contents to become familiar with them for quick reference, particularly before any required travel, and Share the page and information with family members and friends.

Also, check our previous posts this week to help understand the dynamics of this storm, which is expected to evolve from snow, to rain, to dropping temperatures and more snow, including flash freezing of road and other hard surfaces, and then sub-zero wind chills extending into next week.

Be Aware. Be Prepared. Stay Safe.TM and continue to monitor for updates as particulars become more detailed as the storm moves closer.

Also, check the preparedness section on our Weather Resources Page to help protect yourself and your family.
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Such alerts should not be considered a substitute for a weather alert radio or a portable instant warning device. “Like” and “Share” this and the Weather Resources pages and applicable posts with family members and friends to help keep them informed.

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