Allegany Hope celebrates first anniversary of group Facebook page outreach, exceeding expectations

Allegany Hope is celebrating today the first anniversary of the launch of its public group Facebook page which is continuing to grow beyond initial expectations.

The group page, Allegany Hope Community News, was started a year ago to replace its former regular Facebook edition, due to Facebook policies which continued to diminish the basic page outreach to readers, unless we paid for advertising the free information we were providing to the public.

As a result, stories were estimated to be reaching less than a five percent of the more than 3,700 “Likes” and Follower connections, unless one went to the main page regularly to obtain the latest news.

Broader dissemination
Our group page, in contrast, achieved over 1,000 members late in January, growing by some 20 percent in approximately one month.

In comparison, we now reach at least 1,500 to 2,500 followers with most posts, with some going over 6,000 as a result of Notifications appearing at the top of Facebook user pages.

Unfortunately, due to Facebook algorithms, which it solely determines, readers still need to go to the main page to review all posts.

Information dissemination expands to more family members, friends and the public if a reader Likes, Shares or appropriately Comments on a post.

Additional information
This Allegany Hope website, in the meantime, expands information dissemination and also adds features such as our exclusive Weather Resources page and others, a searchable feature for previous articles, and an exclusive Community Calendar of free and primarily-free activities for individuals and families throughout Allegany County and beyond.

Allegany Hope Community News, a National Weather Service (NWS)-designated Weather-Ready Nation AmbassadorTM, also provides the most comprehensive, local adverse weather information for Allegany and adjoining counties through compilation of reports from three NWS forecast centers and other sources.

During the next year, Allegany Hope is focused on building capacity to increase information coverage on its website, together with more news to its Facebook edition, encouraging more organizations to let people know what they are doing, and expand its Community Calendar of events by having more activity organizers use this free service to keep the public informed.

Event organizers can send complete information to or use the Submit an Event link at the top of this page for applicable free and primarily-free activities for individuals and families throughout Allegany County and beyond. Facebook message and post submissions generally are unable to be used.

If readers have suggestions as to how we might be able to improve either of these information products, or would like to be considered for volunteer news correspondent or Information Ambassador roles, please contact us as we continue to focus on Building Health Communities Through Healthy Families in Allegany County and beyond.