Allegany Hope Community News and Resources continues to provide greater impact

Allegany Hope Community News and Resources is continuing to expand and provide more information to individuals and families in Allegany County and beyond.

We only need one more member for Allegany Hope WNY Community News to reach 500 people on a more consistent basis through our new group Facebook page.

Help us grow by “Liking” or “Sharing” both this website and our Facebook page with family members and friends and encouraging them to be informed as to what is happening in their communities.

More followers but lesser reach
When we started our Facebook group just seven weeks ago, our regular Facebook page had grown to move than 3,600 Followers.

Facebook, however, was only broadcasting a post to five percent or less of our Likes, based on criteria it solely determined, meaning that most people weren’t receiving information which might be important or of interest to them.

Even though we currently have many less group members than our previous Facebook Follower base, we have been growing rapidly and our reach has been dynamic, being greater on most posts than when we had over seven times the Facebook Followers.

Weather Resources assets
One example is our Weather Resources efforts in alerting readers to potential severe weather threats.

While we previously might reach a negligible number of people with a Weather Alert Warning, we exposed nearly 8,000 people to weather information last week alone.

We also have reached over 4,000 people this past week with information about free and primarily-free activities and resources for individuals and families, versus a few hundred at a time previously.

And that only is on Facebook.

Website also growing
This new, easier-to-view and search website, which contains our Community Calendar, Weather Resources, and Allegany County Government and Services Directory links, also is growing.

Our desire is to provide factual, easy-to-read information and resources to our Allegany Hope Community News followers, in actual news format, free of advertising and unattributed opinion.

Help us help others by spreading the word about these important resources, along with more which we are are continuing to develop through our focus on Building Healthy Communities Through Healthy FamiliesTM throughout Allegany County and beyond.