Allegany Hope makes it easier to submit events for Community Calendar

Allegany Hope now has made it easier for your organization to have its free or primarily-free event published on our website.

A new fill-in Submit an Event link has been added just under our header for event organizers to obtain free publicity weeks in advance for various activities.

Plan out what you want to say about your event to make it appealing for our readers and be sure to include:
– Name of Event.
– Full information about what it is.
– Times, both starting and ending.
– Dates, including day(s) of the week.
– Location, including full address of both state or county highways and their commonly known names.
– Sponsor, including a Facebook link, if available.
– Website on which the event may be published.
– Contact name, email and telephone number for additional information.
– Cost.
– Any mask or other requirements and whether the event is handicapped accessible.

We will acknowledge receipt of submissions via the email provided at the top of the form, along with notification when a submission which meets our publication standards is posted.

If all information is not provided, we may not have time to try to follow up, resulting in the activity not being published.

By primarily free, we mean there is a significantly free component in which an individual or family doesn’t have to buy something to obtain the free component, thereby making an activity available to persons of all incomes.

We sometimes will publish activities for which there only is a nominal materials charge. This must be clearly stated for evaluation purposes.

Join in letting people know about events occurring throughout Allegany County.

In less than a month, our Community Calendar section has become the premier events identifier in Allegany County, as we continue to seek additional enhancements. Let your family and friends know about this important resource.
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