Allegany Hope public Facebook page over 1,000 members and growing

Allegany Hope Community News has blown past 1,000 members for its public group Facebook page, marking yet another important milestone for letting residents of Allegany County and beyond know about local news, resources and events.

Allegany Hope transferred to a public group page on February 15 of last year due to Facebook continuing to restrict the number of readers which were being reached, estimated at five or less, on average, for each post out of 100 Page Likes.

Although Allegany Hope Community News had some 3,700 Followers on the basic page, which no longer is being posted to, the new site consistently reaches many times more readers than before, hitting more than 6,000 individuals with some recent posts.

Readers can help improve these numbers and also aid family members and friends in taking advantage of this free, no-advertising information source, along with this web page which has the advantage of providing additional, searchable information, by:

– Letting others know about this website and the Facebook publication through Invites on that page, and encouraging them to check out this website and join the Facebook site.

Anyone can see or appropriately Comment on individual Facebook posts but Joining helps one see new posts, which otherwise might be missed, which are alerted and listed in individual News Feeds or Notifications.

– Liking, Sharing and Commenting constructively on posts, thereby helping to overcome Facebook algorithms which still appear to be in place, although to a much lesser extent with this group page.

– Becoming a volunteer Information Ambassador by letting family members and friends know about information contained in specific stories on this website and Facebook posts which may be of importance to them, and

– Dropping us an email at if you have a news tip.

– Encouraging organizers and facilitators to email us full information well in advance of various events to enable them to be posted on our exclusive Community Calendar of free and primarily-free activities for individuals and families in Allegany County and beyond which appear on this website and at

– Posting local reports, photos or videos about adverse weather in the Comments section of our Facebook posts, as applicable, noting the location, date, time and direction of the images.

Help us continue being a trusted information source for residents of Allegany County and beyond as we continue our efforts in Building Healthy Communities Through Healthy Families, which have a positive impact on all of us.