Another Weekend COVID-19 Death is Recorded

BREAKING – EXCLUSIVE: Allegany County has experienced its second weekend COVID-19 death in two weeks, after a six-week lull of no new fatalities, even as the number of recorded cases dropped by 25 percent for the week following the July 4 weekend.

The State Health Department reported the death today as being at an out-of-county state-licensed facility. It no longer provides the day of death on weekends.

The fatality brings the number of state-recorded deaths to 158 since the start of the pandemic, with one each during the past two weekends having been the first since May 22.

There have been 21 this year.

The number of newly identified cases last week was 36, compared with 48 for the preceding seven days, but still higher than the 33 recorded for the week before.

The number also is 18 times greater than the same weekly time frame last year when there only were two positives.

As we have been reporting for several weeks, the number of Allegany County cases has been multiple times greater in comparison with last year at the same time and is presumed to be even larger than recorded due to home test positives only be provided by individuals who self-report online to the Allegany County Health Department.

Localized results by zip code for the 12-day period ending last Thursday, shows a marked drop in positives in Wellsville which went from 16 two weeks ago to three for the first five days of last week.

Pattern increases are being shown in Bolivar and Little Genesee over the past two weeks for which reports have been obtained.

Our exclusive chart of localized COVID activity, created through responses by the county health department to our ongoing Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) requests which the county continues to require, accompanies this story.

Click on the graphic and then use the “+” icon for an enlarged view.

No additional localized information from this past weekend is anticipated until the end of this week, according to the latest health department responses to Allegany Hope requests.

Hospitalizations continue to be low at Jones Memorial Hospital in Wellsville, with all new cases which have been in low single numbers since the end of May, being due to diagnosis when being admitted for other reasons, according to the facility’s report to the State Health Department.

The county is requesting that those testing positive through self or home tests enter the information at to aid in better determination as to the number of cases in the county and their general locations.

Various online COVID-19 Trackers, information from which may not agree with each other due to different reporting time frames, are available at:
– Allegany County Daily Cases – Under COVID-19 Updates:
– New York State Department of Health COVID Tracker:
– CDC Counties COVID Tracker: