Beatty leads revival series at Houghton University

Next Gen Team Leader Santes Beatty of The Wesleyan Church leads one of four revival series services for students and the public this morning at Houghton University.

Beatty, who discussed matters of personal healing last night for those who are struggling and reaching out to those who are different this morning, will speak again at free public sessions at 7PM tonight and Tuesday in the Wesley Chapel on the University campus at 1 Willard Avenue.

Later this week, the speaker will travel to Asbury University at Wilmore, Ky., where a spontaneous spiritual outpouring in February drew an estimated 50,000 people from around the world to the small campus over a two-week period.

Beatty, who wasn’t at February’s event, said today that he is sensing a spirit of spiritual renewal among students as he has visited several college campuses this year.