Breakdowns provided on where Allegany County property tax dollars go

Where do Allegany County, NY, property taxes go?

A tentative budget for next year may be filed with the Clerk of the Board of Legislators and its Ways and Means Committee this week, which is expected to hone department head requests which were presented at a day-long Budget Committee meeting late last month.

Those numbers, as we reported previously, show department head requests, less revenues from various sources such as state aid, would create a general fund tax levy of more than $39 million, some $10 million or one-third more, than the current year’s tally.

County Treasurer Terri Ross said at the time that this figure is some $3 million to $4 million higher than at the comparable time period last year.

Data on the sheets accompanying this story, shows general fund budget categories; appropriations being requested; offsetting revenues from state and federal aid, fees and other sources; and the net cost to the county (listed as CO Cost), which results in the county’s property tax levy.

In addition to refining proposed expenditures, legislators are able to use unallocated surplus funds, currently totaling some $30 million, comparable in general to the current year’s total property tax levy.

The county also has received some $9 million in federal American Recovery Plan Act (ARPA) monies which can be used to replace some expenditures, along with revenues from pharmaceutical company opioid settlement monies and Seneca Nation casino revenue compact funds.

The county is believed to have the second highest true value property tax rate in the state, based on 2021 data — the State Comptroller hasn’t yet published comparables for the current year — and the third highest general sales tax percentage.
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