Wellsville-Andover county legislators to meet the public Tuesday night

Allegany County District IV legislators, representing the Towns of Wellsville and Andover, are scheduled to meet their constituents and others Tuesday night in Andover “for general discussion of mutual problems and interests.” Legislators Gary Barnes and Steven Havey of Wellsville and James Rumfelt of Andover have scheduled the session for 7PM, November 28, at the … Read more

Trio recognized by Allegany County Board of Legislators for service

Three Allegany County residents have been recognized by the Board of Legislators for services resulting in betterment to the county. Resolutions generally are being provided monthly to a county resident nominated by district legislators and an employee recommended by a department. The most recent recognitions were provided yesterday to: — Rick Hall, a 30-year employee … Read more

Police fill in Langworthy on Allegany County drug issues, from marijuana to fentanyl

Issues of legal marijuana being laced with deadly fentanyl, problems obtaining school bus driver due to applicants being unable to pass drug tests due to marijuana use, community residents being a greater problem than college students in use of drugs, drivers under the influence of marijuana, lack of money to pursue street level drug dealers, … Read more

Early voting starts next weekend in five towns only for Republican primary to be held June 27

Early voting will start next Saturday at Belmont and Friendship for Republican Primary contests for local offices this year in only the five Allegany County Towns of Allen, Almond, Angelica, Friendship and Wirt. Voters will be offered the voting opportunity at various times over nine days at the county Board of Elections at 8 Willets … Read more

Steuben County declines issuing State of Emergency migrant declaration at present time

Steuben County is declining to follow Allegany and multiple other Upstate New York counties at this time in issuing a State of Emergency related to possible migrant movement into the area from New York City. In a statement today, county officials said it is proactively addressing the situation in other ways “for some very important … Read more

Allegany County surplus soars while it declares ‘necessity’ to keep its high sales tax rate

EXCLUSIVE: Allegany County’s state legislative representatives are being asked again to work at retaining the county’s third highest sales tax rate in the state at the same time as the government’s surplus escalated by more than $16 million, or nearly 50 percent, last year. The new unappropriated fund balance of nearly $48.8 million is enough … Read more

Allegany County State of Emergency may have been based on false assumptions

Emerging news reports indicate that states of emergency declared in several Western New York counties, including Allegany, Cattaraugus and Wyoming, related to possible influxes of migrants and asylum seekers, may be based on erroneous premises. Spectrum News 1, in stories from various state locations, is reporting that Gov. Kathy Hochul is seeking welcoming communities to … Read more

Allegany Hope and Wellsville information blog commended by state open government coalition

Two Allegany County online information providers were recognized tonight by a statewide open government coalition for efforts in shedding light on closed door meetings of the county Board of Legislators. Allegany Hope Community News and Resources Editor Casey Jones was commended by the New York Coalition for Open Government during its online annual meeting for … Read more

Allegany County legislators to hear from public tonight and next Tuesday in eastern and southern towns

Allegany County legislators representing several eastern and southern towns will meet with constituents and the general public tonight at Swain and next Tuesday night in Andover. District V Legislators Janice Burdick and Philip Curran of Alfred Station and W. Brooke Harris of Alfred, who also is the county board chairman, will be at the Grove … Read more

Allegany County District III Legislators, along with several other county officials, will receive public comment from constituents and others at 5:30PM tomorrow at the Wirt Town Hall, 210 Main Street, Richburg. Legislators Adam Cyr of Bolivar, Dwight Fanton of Wellsville, and Debra Root of Scio are scheduled to participate in the Tuesday, April 18, meeting, … Read more

New Allegany County Governments and Services Directory link added

Allegany Hope has added a link to the new 2023 Allegany County Governments and Services Directory to this website. The Directory, compiled by the Office of the Clerk of the Allegany County Board of Legislators, has a broad range of locally-focused listings, including government officials and contact information, from federal and state levels down to … Read more

Multi-county arts group requests $11,500 from Allegany County to help fill budget gap

A committee of the Allegany County Board of Legislators is sending to the full board a proposal by a Cattaraugus County-based arts group to provide $11,500 in funding to help it reduce its current year’s budget gap. The request comes from the Tri-County Arts Council (TCAC) of Olean and occurs after the demise this year … Read more

Federal money is focus of local government officials

Most Allegany County local government officials appeared to be looking for federal money yesterday as their newly-elected Congressman came to town at Belmont. U.S. Representative Nick Langworthy spent nearly an hour-and-a-half talking to and with the public in a roundtable discussion at the County Office Building, with nine out of 15 county legislators and at … Read more

Congressman Langworthy to hold public roundtable discussion tomorrow in Belmont

U.S. Representative Nick Langworthy will hold a public roundtable tomorrow afternoon at the Allegany County Office Building in Belmont. The newly seated Republican Congressman will be at the County Board of Legislators Chambers at 7 Court Street at 1:15PM Thursday, February 23, “to discuss issues facing Allegany County,” according to a county announcement. The federal … Read more

Allegany County assistant district attorney to switch sides

The second assistant district attorney for Allegany County is scheduled to switch courtroom tables March 1, becoming the conflict defender for those charged with crimes. Belmont attorney Peter J. Degnan is on the county Board of Legislators agenda this afternoon to be appointed to the new $103,680 part-time position, with duties activated whenever the public … Read more

County public works head to speak at Tuesday’s district meeting

Allegany County Public Works Superintendent Thomas Windus will be the featured presenter tomorrow night as District IV legislators, representing the Towns of Wellsville and Andover, meet with the public for “general discussion of mutual problems and interests.” County lawmakers Gary Barnes, Steven Havey and James Rumfelt will hold the 7PM Tuesday, February 21, meeting at … Read more

Local government-focused community group coming together in Friendship

An ad hoc community group is meeting for the first time tomorrow night in Friendship to discuss local government-related taxation and other issues. The session will be held at 6:30PM Wednesday at the Friendship Bible Baptist Church, 43 West Main Street. The announcement from the group says the session is to “gather as a community … Read more

Conagra Brands recalls over 2.5 million pounds of canned goods

BREAKING: Conagra Brands is recalling more than 2.5 million pounds of canned meat and poultry products due to a packaging defect which may cause the products to become contaminated without showing any outward signs of contamination. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) reports the nationwide recall is for certain items … Read more

Allegany County legislators dramatically more secretive than in neighboring counties

The Allegany County Board of Legislators is dramatically more secretive in holding political caucuses, apparently to discuss county business, than that disclosed by three out of four adjoining New York counties. The determination comes in an Allegany Hope Community News followup to a report issued today by the New York Coalition for Open Government in … Read more

Allegany County Board goes secret, apparently for training on how to act

The Allegany County Board of Legislators today continued ongoing practices associated with several types of dubious secret sessions by again closing its doors to the public, apparently for the purpose of being told how to conduct its meetings. County Board Chairman W. Brooke Harris of Alfred entertained a motion at the start of a Committee … Read more