Allegany County tentative budget is cloudy for public and legislators with hearing Thursday

BREAKING: Allegany County residents are being invited to comment Thursday night on a $145.5 million budget for next year, with little to go on, while county lawmakers themselves appear to be grasping for information on how to use nearly $42.5 million in surplus and avoid giving any of it back to property taxpayers. County Attorney … Read more

2024 county budget proposal shows taxes up for many as $16 million diverted for unnamed purposes

EXCLUSIVE: Over one-third of taxpayers in Allegany County towns will pay more in county property taxes next year under a 2024 tentative budget while $16 million, or a number equal to nearly 53 percent of the entire tax levy, appears to be proposed for diversion to one or more unnamed purposes. An initial analysis of … Read more

More significant salary increases being rolled out for Allegany County officials

BREAKING – EXCLUSIVE: Allegany County, NY, lawmakers, who are scheduled to vote tomorrow on a proposal to raise some department head salaries by as much as $25,000 and 25 percent annually, now are rolling out additional salary increases for county officials and non-union employee, some of which have even higher percentages. A new resolution is … Read more

Hearing assistance devices available at Cuba Library

Devices which provide hearing assistance, particularly at meetings, now are available as part of the Library of Things at the Cuba Circulating Library. The 39 East Main Street facility has four Pocketalkers which patrons can borrow in one-week intervals, with each kit containing the basic device along with a pair of headphones and earbuds and … Read more