Prepare for high winds, followed by dropping temperatures for the next week

HIGH WIND WARNINGS, intermixed with rain and snow, for Western New York, including Allegany County, WINTER STORM WARNINGS to the west and northwest with major snowfall, and WIND ADVISORIES for Steuben County east and neighboring Pennsylvania counties, are all combining with gradually dropping temperatures and windchills reaching zero and below by Sunday night and continuing … Read more

Winter Storm Warning to northwest, Winter Weather Advisory to the south in Pennsylvania

BREAKING: Allegany County will have to contend with high winds this weekend, but won’t encounter the WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY, starting tonight for Pennsylvania neighbors to the south, or the WINTER STORM WARNING for the weekend to the west and northwest. New York Gov. Kathy Hochul already has issued a State of Emergency in advance of … Read more

High Wind Watch upgraded to warning, starting earlier today, snow alerts to south and west, wind chills plunging

A HIGH WIND WARNING now is in effect from 4PM today through 4AM Sunday for Western New York, including Allegany County, with a WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY in effect in neighboring Pennsylvania and a WINTER STORM WATCH in Cattaraugus and Wyoming counties west during different periods, resulting in even more difficult travel conditions. A National Weather … Read more

Lights finally on throughout Allegany County

BREAKING: Lights are back on in all of Allegany County that we can identify, less than 24 hours before another prolonged high wind event is expected to hit Western New York. Based on Rochester Gas and Electric (RG&E) online trackers, power was restored to more than 40 final outages in the West Clarksville area around … Read more

Over 50 still without power as weekend wind blasts possible, followed by sub-zero windchills next week

BREAKING WEATHER: Nearly 50 locations near West Clarksville in Western Allegany County and another nine in the Swain area in the northeastern part of the county still are without power this morning, as the National Weather Service (NWS) at Buffalo issues a HIGH WIND WATCH for 7PM tomorrow through 4AM Sunday for Western New York. … Read more

Major power outages continue in Allegany County, with wind continuing and little restoration information

STORM UPDATE #6 – Wednesday morning: Nearly 5,000 Rochester Gas and Electric (RGE) power outages continue this morning in Allegany County, out of some 11,000 services, with near total blackouts in Bolivar-Richburg, Clarksville and the Friendship areas, with scattered pockets in other parts of the county which appear, only in those locations, to be slowly … Read more

High Wind Warning downgraded but winds now projected to continue Wednesday

BREAKING – STORM UPDATE #5: Don’t go away. The High Wind Warning, which was to stay into effect until 4AM Wednesday, has been downgraded by the National Weather Service (NWS) at Buffalo to a WIND ADVISORY, which now will continue until 7PM tomorrow. In the meantime, all but 56 of 703 electric services in the … Read more

Lights out for over half of RGE customers in Allegany County

STORM UPDATE #4: Over half of Rochester Gas and Electric (RGE) customers in Allegany County are without power at this hour as wind gusts have been recorded at up to 59MPH tonight at the Wellsville Airport and peak gust periods still are being forecast to be on their way. RGE is reporting 6,185 out of … Read more

Today’s storm warnings and alerts are provided in graphics from the National Weather Service

STORM UPDATE #3 – Tuesday: A variety of weather alerts, from HIGH WIND WARNINGS to WIND ADVISORIES, rain and snow, are scattered across Western and Central New York and Northern Pennsylvania counties today into Wednesday. Graphics provided by the National Weather Service (NWS) at three forecast centers provide overviews for specific areas. Use our exclusive … Read more

More projections released by National Weather Service for high wind event Tuesday into Wednesday

WEATHER UPDATE #2 – Monday: The National Weather Service (NWS) is providing additional projected detail associated with a HIGH WIND WARNING event for Allegany County west and north from 10AM Tuesday through 4AM Wednesday, with other impacts to Steuben County east and adjoining Pennsylvania counties. In Allegany County, forecasters say that tomorrow’s precipitation will start … Read more

High winds for Tuesday upgraded from Watch to Warning, with significant rainfall also forecast

TUESDAY STORM UPDATE: The National Weather Service (NWS) has upgraded Tuesday’s High Wind Watch, which we reported earlier today, to a HIGH WIND WARNING, and expanded the impacted area to more counties to the north. Soggy ground and trees which grow and strengthen to brace against southwest winds, versus the high winds being forecast from … Read more

High Wind Watch now in effect for Tuesday, with Winter Storm Warning continuing for Steuben east

EARLY ALERT: Unsettled weather for the week now includes a HIGH WIND WATCH, with gusts to 65MPH, Tuesday into early Wednesday for Allegany County and Western New York and yet undetermined significant precipitation possibilities for next weekend. Steuben County east remains under a WINTER STORM WARNING through 4PM this afternoon, with another one-to-three inches of … Read more

Winter Storm Warning area expands, now nudging Allegany County

WINTER STORM UPDATE #3 – 9:52PM Saturday: The Winter Weather Advisory for Allegany and Livingston counties in New York, which was to expire at 4AM Sunday, has been canceled as the storm moves primarily to the east, with less than an inch of additional snow forecast for the remainder of the event. Other weather alerts … Read more

Weekend Winter Weather Advisories now in effect for Allegany and Potter counties east

WEATHER UPDATE: Winter Weather Advisories now have been issued for Allegany County east in New York, and Potter County east in Pennsylvania, for tomorrow and Sunday, as the impacts of a weekend snow storm, moving north along the Eastern Coast, expands to the west. New alerts from the National Weather Service (NWS) at three forecast … Read more

Plowable snow projected for Saturday afternoon into Sunday

A storm which will move up the East Coast of the United States is expected to bring three-to-four inches of snow to Allegany and much of surrounding areas Saturday afternoon into Sunday. Our cross sections of maps from regional National Weather Service (NWS) offices are showing projections from 1PM Saturday — earlier for Northern Pennsylvania … Read more

A ton of Friendship Christian materials being shipped to other countries

Over a ton of no-longer-used Bibles, Sunday School materials and other Christian study resources are on the way to pastors and missionaries in other countries as a result of a Friendship churches initiative. The Traveling Chapel, a ministry of of Alfred, has been the depository for the items since October as the churches joined … Read more

Mixed weather conditions, alerts for Western and Central New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania

BREAKING: A mosaic of weather projections have appeared across Western and Central New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania this morning with WINTER WEATHER ADVISORIES to the west of Allegany County and FLOOD WATCHES continuing to the east. Allegany County will experience a little of both, but not to the same alert levels. A breakdown of current … Read more

Up-and-down temperatures to bring heavy rain, accumulating snow, starting Saturday night

A mixture of weather is forecast into next week as heavy precipitation, combined with fluctuating temperatures, transition from a warm, mostly cloudy, environment in Allegany County today into heavy rain tonight and Sunday, to accumulating snow Sunday night and Monday, intensifying to the east. Temperatures in the mid-50s today, with cloudy skies, will turn to … Read more

This week’s snow totals have more than five times variable across Allegany County

Recorded snow totals in Allegany County from this week’s lake effect storm created a wide range of depths, from 2.2 inches in Whitesville to more than a foot in Rushford. The National Weather Service (NWS) at Buffalo is reporting results from its observers related to snowfalls between Monday and Wednesday mornings, which resulted in the … Read more

Allegany Hope weather reports continue to build network

Allegany Hope’s weather reporting network continued to expand during the now concluding first winter weather event of the season, with over 5,000 views of one of our several Community News group Facebook page posts since the weekend. We thank our readers for not only using this website for updates but using our group Facebook page … Read more