Caution advised when purchasing Christmas toys and other products

CONSUMER ALERTS: Dangerous toy potentials need to be on the minds of consumers as they head to stores and online to complete their Christmas shopping lists, according to a consumer toys watchdog.

W.A.T.C.H. (World Against Toys Causing Harm) has released its 50th annual 10 Worst Toys nominees for this shopping season, which the organization claims have potential for harm to children, including:
— Cocomelon Musical Learning Watch: Potential for battery ingestion injuries.
— Disney Raya’s Action & Adventure Sword: Potential for blunt force and eye injuries.
— Li’l Woodzeez Tickle-Your-Taste-Buds Bakery: Potential for chocking injuries.
— Zeus Lion: Potential for ingestion/aspiration injuries.
— Dingray Musical Bath Toy: Potential for ingestion and chocking injuries.
— Ooze Labs Chemistry Station: Potential for chemical-related injuries.
— Bunny Rabbit Cuddly Pillow: Potential for suffocation.
— Pop’n Fidget Spinners: Potential for chocking injuries.
— Nerf Pro Gelfire Mythic Blasters: Potential for eye and facial injuries.
— Black Panther Wakanda Battle Claws: Potential for eye and facial injuries.

The organization, however, says there are many other toys being sold which have potential for injuries, not only during the Christmas shopping season but at other times of the year.

The organization provides tips at about what to look for from a safety aspect when considering toys for children.

Federal agencies also provide recall lists for various types of items, including a multitude of food, with the Consumer Product Safety Commission at, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) at, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) at, and the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration (NHSTA) at
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