Chances of snow enter the forecast through Thursday

It’s that time of year again and here are the snowfall forecasts through 8PM Thursday from the US National Weather Service Buffalo NY, although little or no accumulation is expected.

Percentage charts, along with other snow and ice information will be available throughout the upcoming season on National Weather Service (NWS) pages at for the Buffalo forecast center, which includes Allegany County, for Steuben County east, and for our Pennsylvania neighbors to the south.

Bookmark NWS pages for quick access.

Obtain weather alerts
Allegany Hope continues to be a Weather-Ready Nation AmbassadorTM and provides slightly delayed weather alerts directly from the National Weather Service at Buffalo for its forecast area, which includes Allegany County, on our Facebook page, along with other weather-related and community information.

Such alerts should not be considered a substitute for a weather alert radio or a portable instant warning device. “Like” or “Follow” and “Share” that Page and applicable posts with family members and friends to help keep them informed.

Stay informed during the winter season by checking our Facebook page and this website at, which can be easier to read than Facebook.

Weather resources
General weather information for the region is available at for the NWS Buffalo forecast area, for Steuben and counties to the east, and for adjoining Pennsylvania counties.

Local weather forecasts for specific areas are accessible through the Search feature in the upper left corner of most NWS pages, with Hourly Weather Forecasts, which project event timing throughout the day, found on the lower right side of local pages.

Progression of storms can be tracked interactively via a zoomable NWS Doppler radar site at

The NWS Storm Prediction Center (SPC) website is at, with the overall Weather Prediction Center at, which includes information on types of potential weather dangers.

Projections from the NWS Climate Prediction Center are available at, along with Experimental Graphical Hazardous Weather Outlooks for the next seven days for the Buffalo forecast area at, Steuben County east at, and Pennsylvania counties to the south at

Weather Safety
Familiarize yourself and your family, including children, now about winter weather safety, with an overview and specific tips from the National Weather Service at and at

Be Aware. Be Prepared. Stay Safe.TM