Changeover in process for Allegany Hope Facebook presence

BREAKING: The changeover is nearing for our Allegany Hope Community News and Resources Facebook transition, occurring next Wednesday, February 15, from a regular page to a group presence.

Many already have signed up as members of the free Allegany Hope WNY Community News group at with initial results showing better connections for our readers.

This move, as we have reported previously, is due to adverse changes continuing to be implemented by Facebook which are making it difficult to reach our more than 3,600 followers on a regular basis.

This occurs because only a fraction of our stories are appearing in individual News Feeds and Notifications, due to connection algorithms which Facebook solely determines.

Our new group Facebook page is being provided as an adjunct to this Allegany Hope Community News and Resources website which is easier-to-read and search for prior stories.

The new group approach will publish snippets of articles which appear on this website, with a link to the full story here. This is the same process we have been using since last month.

Through Tuesday, posts will be duplicated on both our regular and new group Facebook page.

Allegany Hope will continue to provide links on our new group Facebook page to stories from other generally reliable sources, which include information that may be of interest to Greater Allegany County residents . These story links, due to logistics, may not appear on this website.

The new group will be a public news forum, able to be viewed by all. It is not intended to be an advertising or reader exchange vehicle.

Our new initiative and changeover is a work in progress, with suggestions for improvements invited at or (484) 435-0503.

Facebook users can go to the new page at and “Join” in the upper right corner under our Allegany Hope header.

Please “Share” this change with family and friends to enable them to know about the transition.