Changes developed for our Allegany Hope Facebook page

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Readers may have noticed a change in our Allegany Hope Facebook page posts since the start of the New Year.

We have been experimenting with new processes which post our primary Allegany County area stories to this Community News and Resources website, where we also are revamping our Community Events Calendar of free and primarily-free activities.

A brief of each story then is posted to Facebook, with a link to this website, resulting in readers having an easier-to-read story which also is able to be searched for at a later time.

The change is due to ongoing adverse actions which Facebook has been taking, including:

— Ongoing posting disruptions which can last for hours to weeks,

— Reduced information exposure, with less than five percent of many of our posts being seen now by our nearly 3,600 Followers due to Facebook-specific algorithms which determine what information is provided to individual users,

— An estimated 25 percent of internet users not being Facebook readers,

— Inability of readers to search for prior stories, and more.

Allegany Hope will be using Facebook to cross-post more state and national stories from other media which we feel may be of interest to local readers but are beyond our own capacity to research effectively. These only will involve stories which we feel contain reliable information.

We also will be examining the possibility of changing our general Facebook page to a public group which appears to have greater potential for information reaching our readers, although this process requires us to start our ever-expanding list all over again.

We would be interested in learning through Comments, or email to whether you would find this option to be attractive.

In the meantime, we would encourage readers to bookmark our website Main Page, checking it regularly for updates. Also, let family and friends know about the change in this resource.

Thank you.