Congressional voting is occurring today at local polling places in Allegany County

All Allegany County voters have an opportunity today to help elect a Congressional representative through the end of the year in the new 23rd District in Southwestern New York State, with Republicans also voting on their candidate to be on the ballot for the same position for a full term in November.

The confusing process resulted from a court-contested state redistricting plan which resulted in the Congressional Primary, held in June for statewide offices, to be delayed until today and scheduled at the same time as the Special Election.

Local polling places are open from 6AM to 9PM throughout the district, parts of which had been represented by Congressman Tom Reed who resigned several months ago.

Republican-Conservative Joe Sempolinski and Democrat-Working Families Party candidate Max Della Pia are vying to fill the vacancy through the end of the year, with Sempolinski not seeking election to the full two-year term starting in January.

In the meantime, Republicans will be able to vote a second time during today’s balloting for a nominee in the November General Election to oppose Dell Pia, who will be running again for the full term.

Nick Langworthy and Carl Paladino are seeking the Republican nomination today.

Further information, including that about absentee voting, is available from the Board of Elections at, or (585) 268-9295.
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