Different winter weather forecasts for Allegany County area, depending on location

WEATHER ALERT: Allegany County, NY‘s weather forecast, along with others in the area, has changed significantly today, with potential for snow and freezing rain tomorrow evening through Wednesday morning and prolonged snow in the Buffalo area which could dump one to two feet of snow or more into the weekend.

This morning’s weather graphic from the US National Weather Service Buffalo NY was showing possible hazardous on both sides of Allegany County which was clear.

Tonight, the forecast 24 hours from now is for one to two inches of snow, mixed with rain or freezing rain into Wednesday morning.

Winter Weather Advisories issued
In the meantime, WINTER WEATHER ADVISORIES have been issued for Steuben County east and across the border in Pennsylvania.

In Buffalo and surrounding counties, moderate to heavy snow also is in the forecast for Wednesday night into Thursday, with a WINTER STORM WATCH in effect as snow is forecast to pick up and one to two feet or more being dumped on parts of the city and surrounding areas.

Weather information resources
For winter weather projections for specific areas go to https://bit.ly/3CUmLMq for Western New York counties, https://bit.ly/312qR7E for Steuben County east, and https://bit.ly/3rcTH0o for adjoining Pennsylvania counties.

General weather information is available at www.weather.gov/buf for the NWS Buffalo forecast region, www.weather.gov/bgm for Steuben and counties to the east, and www.weather.gov/ctp for adjoining Pennsylvania counties.

Local weather forecasts for specific areas are accessible through the Search feature in the upper left corner of most NWS pages, with Hourly Weather Forecasts, which project event timing throughout the day, found on the lower right side of local pages.

Progression of storms can be tracked interactively via a zoomable NWS Doppler radar site at https://bit.ly/3xyTULH.

Future weather previews
Previews of weather components over the next seven days are available at https://bit.ly/3CUmLMq, with Steuben County east at https://bit.ly/312qR7E, and Pennsylvania counties to the south at https://bit.ly/3rcTH0o.

The NWS Storm Prediction Center (SPC) website is at https://bit.ly/3llhYgb, with the overall Weather Prediction Center at https://bit.ly/3gNeAsQ, which includes information on types of potential weather dangers.

Check out the information on cold weather safety, available at https://bit.ly/3zJxVUk, with information on general winter and other projections at https://bit.ly/3CyE9H3.

Be Aware. Be Prepared. Stay Safe.TM and continue to monitor for updates.
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