Disturbing data discovered about information sources

Some disturbing information today about how many of our readers actually see stories we post on Facebook about primarily-free activities in Allegany County and beyond ….

Several pieces of data we have run across indicates only about six percent, and maybe less, actually see posts from friends or organizations they have Liked or Follow on Facebook, down from around a third 10 years ago. This is several times below what we even have been estimating, based on our own analysis, over the past couple of years.

This disparity is due to algorithms by which Facebook determines the information you actually are alerted to.

If you are an organization hosting or providing a primarily-free activity, please send us complete information directly to AlleganyHopeWNY@outlook.com for consideration for posting on our new, expanding Calendar of Events on this Allegany Hope website at https://bit.ly/3yYyVUt.

If you are one of our Followers, check the website regularly for both area news and Calendar updates.

Facebook followers of our page also can click on the Following button, generally found under the header on our Facebook page, and then click on Favorite for a higher exposure potential. However, this still doesn’t allow you to see everything we have posted without clicking over to our main page and scrolling through the content.

Be sure to Like and/or Share appropriate information which you feel family members and friends would like to know about. This only increases the exposure possibilities, however, still not guaranteeing something is seen.

Finally, consider becoming an Allegany Hope Ambassador within your church, school, organization or group, assisting us in finding more ways to pass on information to people who might have an interest or need.

Studies confirm there only are very fragmented information sources in Allegany County, so virtually everyone is missing out on things every day which could be important to them.

Drop us a note at AlleganyHopeWNY@outlook.com for more information on this free, no-obligation Ambassador initiative to help yourself and help others in your family, your community and beyond.