E. coli outbreak linked to romaine lettuce in Wendy’s sandwiches

PUBLIC HEALTH ALERT: An E. coli outbreak investigation, possibly due to romaine lettuce used in sandwiches at Wendy’s restaurants, has spread to yet undisclosed locations in New York State and Pennsylvania.

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has confirmed 97 cases in six states, including 43 hospitalizations but says the numbers likely are much higher.

The agency, however, is not recommending that individuals avoid eating at Wendy’s or avoid use of romaine lettuce.

It says no specific food has yet been confirmed as the source of this outbreak, but many sick people reported eating sandwiches with romaine lettuce at Wendy’s restaurants before getting sick.

Romaine lettuce used in salads at the restaurants are a different type, according to the CDC, and “(a)t this time, there is no evidence to indicate that romaine lettuce sold in grocery stores, served in other restaurants, or in people’s homes is linked to this outbreak.”

Based on CDC information, federal officials report that Wendy’s has taken the precautionary measure of removing the romaine lettuce being used in sandwiches from restaurants in the affected region and is cooperating fully in the investigation.

Further CDC information on the outbreak, including how to help identify symptoms, potential severity, and reporting possible issues, is available at https://bit.ly/3KDUnDH.
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