EF-2 Tornado has been confirmed in Wyoming County during this morning’s storm

An EF-2 tornado late this morning, just west of State Route 19 at Gainesville, has been confirmed by the US National Weather Service Buffalo NY.

The path length was about 10 miles long, with a maximum width of 500 yards and maximum winds of 115MPH, taking down part of a barn and power lines.

The tornado was moving east at about the same times as our previous report today on an unexpected severe thunderstorm which started in northern Allegany County and moved east into Steuben around 11AM.

A report on the damage, along with video, is available from Spectrum News at https://bit.ly/3oAobqH.

Today’s severe weather alert didn’t activate on our Facebook page, whether due to issues we have been having with Facebook posts or a problem with alert dissemination, both of which are reasons to have alternate means for receiving severe weather notifications.
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