Experiencing God series to be presented in Friendship

Allegany Hope is partnering with two Friendship churches to provide community opportunities designed to help individuals answer the question often asked by many Christians and others as to why they seldom, or seemingly never, hear God’s voice and direction in their own lives while others are seen as hearing from the Lord regularly.

Casey Jones, left, executive director of Allegany Hope, Inc., Pastor Kevin Palmiter of Followers of the Way – Nile Community Church, and Pastor Kirk Kirch of the United Church of Friendship display a preview slide for an “Experiencing God – Hearing and Doing the Will of God” series which will be presented for two separate public groups each week, starting Sunday, February 19, and Thursday, February 23, at The Carter House community ministry center in Friendship.

Weekly video-discussion sessions of Experiencing God – Hearing and Doing the Will of God will be available at two separate times, from 9:45AM to 10:45AM Sundays and from 1:30PM to 2:30PM Thursdays, starting February 19 and 23, at The Carter House, 37 East Main Street, a community ministry center of the United Church of Friendship.

Pastor Kirk Kirch said both opportunities are open to the public, with congregants from other area churches which meet at 11AM Sundays having time to attend the Sunday School sessions and still return to their own churches for worship services.

The second session also is being made available to members of the public who may not be attending church or have scheduling conflicts with the Sunday presentations.

He noted that interested individuals do not need a religious background to participate in the groups, which are focused on learning to hear God’s voice and to recognize how He is working in individual, family and community lives, including those of the church.

The latest Experiencing God series includes 12 videos which reflect God’s Will and how it relates to each individual life, how God Speaks to people and invites them to join Him in the work He is doing in their midst and elsewhere, Adjusting Your Life to God, Experiencing God Through Obedience, recognizing God’s Will (for) the Church, and Experiencing God in Your Daily Life.

Series history
Experiencing God originally was developed more than 30 years ago by internationally-recognized pastor and author Henry Blackaby, who has spoken in 115 countries, including gatherings at the White House, United Nations and the Pentagon, about how to recognize God’s call on individual lives and join the Lord in His work.

The current presentation, according to Pastor Kevin Palmiter of Followers of the Way – Nile Community Church, was updated last year and features video clips by Henry’s son, Richard, and his oldest grandson, Michael, who relate stories about personal, life-changing experiences of individuals who have encountered the Lord’s work in their lives and how these situations have occurred.

A workbook, which provides additional testimonies and materials used between weekly video-discussion sessions, is being made available at a cost of only $2 per person, which also includes access to the 12 videos for online download for personal viewing and reference.

The $22 regular retail cost of the workbook is being offered at the greatly reduced rate, with pre-registration, due to financial support from Allegany Hope.

Powerful series
Casey Jones, organization president, said it is partnering with the two churches due to the “powerful ways this series can be used to enhance the lives of individuals, families, churches and other groups, including entire communities.”

The authors remark that since 1990, “God has used this study to dramatically impact and transform millions of lives and thousands of churches around the world,” with more than eight million copies of the workbook in English having been sold. It now has been published in 42 languages and has been used by most Christian denominations.

Persons wishing to register for either of the limited-space-available groups, or learn more about the study, can contact Allegany Hope at (484) 435-0503 or AlleganyHopeWNY@outlook.com.

Allegany Hope also is entertaining proposals from churches and groups of churches in other areas of the county for joint ministries under its community outreach initiative.
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