Facebook users can apply for a portion of a $725 million settlement for unauthorized data use

Facebook users can apply by August 25 to receive a portion of a $725 million class action settlement, tentative approval of which is before a California federal judge.

Numerous lawsuits were brought on behalf of Facebook users who allege that Facebook, now Meta Platforms, Inc., shared or otherwise made accessible to third parties, user data and data about users’ friends without permission of the users whose data was shared, and did not sufficiently monitor and enforce third-party access or use of that data.

Terms of the settlement are expected to be approved in September, according to reports, but claims must be submitted online or by mail by the August date.

Any United States user of Facebook between May 24, 2007, and December 22, 2022, is eligible to submit a claim, regardless of whether their data was actually shared.

Further information about the action, including an online claim form, is available at https://bit.ly/3UJIvVP.