Fatherhood Connection support group to start 13-week series next week

A 13-week online parenting and personal development group for men in Allegany County and beyond starts next Thursday night.

The free Fatherhood Connection series, being held from 6PM to 8PM from October 6 through December 29, is designed to provide a supportive atmosphere for fathers and father figures to enable them to gain a strong understanding of their roles and responsibilities and how to relate in the best interests of their children and families.

Facilitated by David Filkins and Robert Starks, topics will include:
— Fatherless America
— Manhood
— Parenting/Parentification
— Healthy Relationships
— Blended Families
— Fatherhood and Adverse Childhood Experiences
— Anger Management
— Domestic Violence
— Communication
— Grief and Loss

Fathers of all ages and fathers-to-be can join the sessions at any time.

Further information is available at https://bit.ly/3UNvBFL and registration at dfilkins.fc@gmail.com or (585) 296-9148.
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