Free opportunities for Allegany County youth ages seven and above

Gil’s Hills Ministries of Wellsville is providing free twice-a-week after-school activities for different Allegany County, NY, youth age groups during March and April.

Younger boys and girls, ages seven-to-11 or through sixth grade, and those 12-to-17 or seventh grade and above have Tuesday or Thursday opportunities, gender dependent, to participate in various fun and character building activities, along with a meal.

Scheduled activity days are:
— Older Boys: Tuesdays, March 14 and 28, and April 11 and 25.
— Older Girls: Thursdays, March 16 and 30, and April 13 and 27.
— Younger Boys: Tuesdays, March 21, and April 18.
— Younger Girls: Thursdays, March 23, and April 20.

Transportation is available from many Allegany County locations.

Further information is available at, or (585) 610-8183.