Free, wholesome children’s videos available from Allegany Hope for Easter Break

Parents have the opportunity to gain free access to a large number of wholesome online videos for viewing by children and youth during Easter Break.

Allegany Hope holds a subscription to RightNow Media @Work, with which it is able to offer the community more than 20,000 videos in singles, series and slides shows for children, youth and adults on a wide variety of topics.

Opportunities for individuals and families include videos about raising children and youth, marriage and families, parenting, men’s and women’s studies, conflict resolution, mental health and wellness, professional development, entrepreneurship, leadership, values and culture, spiritual development and many more.

Many of the videos include teachings by pastors, Christian counselors and authors such as Living on the Edge radio host Chip Ingram, counselor and author Henry Cloud who co-authored Boundaries and many other popular self-help books, Licensed Professional Counselor Debra Fileta, pastor and speaker Gary Thomas, authors Tim and Kathy Keller, counselors and authors Les and Leslie Parrott, and sports figures Tony Dungy and Tim Tebow, among others.

Business videos provide assistance for individuals and couples, with presenters including current and former executives of a variety of well-known organizations, including HP, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Walmart, Chick-fil-A, Hobby Lobby, Tyson and more.

Free registration for online access to individual, family, and business-related videos is available by sending one’s name, name and type of organization or business, community, email and telephone number to or (484) 435-0503.
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