Friendship churches expand monthly prayer at school with a continental breakfast to follow

The regular monthly community prayer gathering held at Friend­ship Central School by churches now will be followed by a continental breakfast on a regular basis, effective next Thursday, June 6.

Monthly community prayer gathering in May in front of Friendship Central School, at top, was followed by a continental breakfast across the street at the Bible Baptist Church at 43 West Main Street.

The additional feature started last month when prayer in front of the school led to a simple meal across the street at the Bible Baptist Church, due to the May 2 gathering coinciding with the annual National Day of Prayer which featured morning, noon and evening activities.

Due to its success, the post-school prayer gathering will be continued at 8:30AM on the first Thursday of every month, sponsored by the What God is Doing in Friendship ny alliance of churches.

Followers of the Way – Nile Community Church will be the host for the free breakfast in June, followed by the United Church of Friendship in July, and the Baptist church in August, all being held at the 43 West Main Street church location.

All residents of the greater community and beyond are invited to join in this monthly activity as a participant or to engage in prayer, with those unable to attend due to work or other reasons being invited to pray where they are at that time.

Prayer for the school and its students, teachers, administra­tors, other staff, the Board of Education, parents and caregivers, and others is year-around, with summer activities at the school being included as part of the focus.

The school’s June Character Trait of Celebration of AllCelebrating that all individuals are equal, will be part of the emphasis this month as churches continue to seek extending support for monthly positive school traits to their congregants and within the broader Friend­ship community.

Individual, family and other prayer concerns will be included at the breakfast gathering, the next activity to be held on June 6.

Monthly prayer sessions in front of the school have been held since the beginning of the current school year last fall.