Gas drops below $4 per gallon in Allegany County but a motorist may need to travel

Gasoline prices for regular this afternoon are shown, from left to right, at $3.999 at Crosby’s Mobil in Friendship, $4.099 at Crosby’s in Belmont, and $4.199 at Quicklee’s at State Route 19 and Interstate 86 north of Belmont.

The price for regular gasoline in Allegany County has broken below $4 per gallon, although rates can vary significantly within short distances, as shown with three examples today.

At left, Crosby’s Mobil in Friendship was at $3.999, while Quicklee’s, located six miles away at State Route 19 and Interstate 86 at Belmont, right, was 20 cents per gallon more at $4.199. In between, at $4.099, was another Crosby’s station, two miles south of Quicklee’s, at Belmont.

As Allegany Hope reported previously, it isn’t easily known as to the effect of the ending on September 1 of a county sales tax holiday for purchases over $3 per gallon has had in a declining prices market.

Several Olean gas stations, with Cattaraugus County having retained its gas holiday through the end of the year, have been displaying at $3.999 per gallon since at least last weekend, according to online price tracker

Some stations were noticed to have increased prices by some three cents per gallon after Allegany’s gas tax holiday expired, with the tax difference on everything over $3 per gallon having been estimated previously at six cents.

AAA is showing the average New York State price currently being at $3.96, with the national average at $3.75.

A state tax holiday of 16 cents for gallon continues through December 31.
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