Houghton Academy graduates holding 30 times greater average scholarship awards this year

Houghton Academy is basking in the distinction of having this year’s graduating class obtain average higher education scholarship awards of more than 30 times the national average.

Houghton Academy 2024 Graduating Class, from left, front row: Grace Jordan, Houghton; Alexia Piva Vieira, Americana, São Paulo, Brazil; and Bella Stevens, Houghton; and back row, Christian Valentin, Haiti; Yuelin Qi, Beijing, China; Yichen Chen, Chengdu, China; Marco Zanini Filho, Americana, São Paulo, Brazil; and Wes Davidson and James Adenuga, both of Houghton.

Head of School Toby Travis reports that the nine seniors at the private middle and high school garnered an average $135,676 in scholarships, compared with a national average of $4,200 annual, or $16,800 for a four-year degree program.

“Our graduates are not merely scholars; they are trailblazers, visionaries, and change-makers,” Travis proclaimed. “Their impact will resonate far beyond our campus.”

He said there not only is a desire to “raise our hats to the diligent students, dedicated faculty, and supportive families (but) let’s applaud the resilience, hard work, and commitment that led to this remarkable feat.”

The Christian educational institution’s graduating class is comprised of five international and four local students, with the overall student body this year having experienced a significant increase from other countries, resulting in a similar ratio, following travel restrictions occurring during the pandemic.

Houghton Academy has an open enrollment for students, enabling them to be accepted into the school at any time.

It also announced recently a tuition scholarship program for area students.

Further information about the school, which celebrated its 140th anniversary during the recent school year, is available at https://tinyurl.com/Houghton-Academy-Website, or at admissionsteam@houghton.academy or (585) 567-8115.

This story originally was reported by the What God is DoingTM in Allegany County ny group Facebook page at https://tinyurl.com/God-in-Allegany-County-ny.