Houghton University senior adults group delves into retirement planning

A senior adults group at Houghton University is embarking on a free weekly afternoon discussion series to explore some of the issues associated with planning for or being in the midst of retirement.

ENCORE! is hosting five Thursday sessions, entitled Daring to Live Into Resurrection Community, from 4PM to 5:30PM, through May 9, in its meeting facility in the Campus Center at 1 Willard Avenue.

Area residents 55 years of age and above particularly are invited to participate to “enable them to flourish in the midst of this season of their lives,” according to the University’s Center for Engagement and Hospitality, which coordinates the initiative.

Each weekly gathering will feature a facilitator who will frame the conversation on a particular subject and host a panel of contributors for a group discussion and consideration of next steps in the living process.

Discussion topics
Upcoming sessions will include discussion about:

— How to apply Scripture when there is no specific mention of retirement in the Bible.

— Preparing for one’s post retirement identity and calling.

— Preparing for the vulnerability and loss of control as one ages and also may serve as a caregiver for family members or friends.

— The difference Christian faith makes in one’s daily living, particularly in contemplation of death.

— Cultivating lifelong learning so that one can continue to grow in an understanding and appreciation of the world – both nature and culture.

Group purpose
ENCORE! is designed to provide educational, recreational, and socially enriching experiences in a Christ-centered, academically excellent environment for senior adults, allowing them to relax, build friendships, and immerse themselves in wellness, creativity, and learning.

Further information is available at https://tinyurl.com/Houghton-University-ENCORE, community@houghton.edu or (585) 567-9210.

Individuals also are able to take advantage of low-cost meals in the University dining hall, located in the same building, with costs and menus available at https://tinyurl.com/Houghton-Dining.