Houghton University begins Kingdom Conversations as it appoints Student Kingdom Ambassadors

Houghton University will host the first of three monthly educational sessions tonight as it begins a new Kingdom Initiative directed toward “learning about, engaging with and celebrating the rich cultural diversity of Houghton University and the Kingdom of God.”

The public gatherings will be held from 7PM to 8PM on Thursday, September 28, and Tuesdays, October 24 and November 14, in Schaller Hall, Paine Center for Science Room 214, at 1 Willard Avenue.

The University also has appointed six Student Kingdom Ambassadors from all four years of studies who will promote conversations about diversity and pluralism both inside and outside the classroom.

Houghton President Wayne D. Lewis, Jr., reported last week that the University has enrolled its largest freshman class in six years, with 272 new students from 14 countries, 31 states and 32 Christian denominations, “making Houghton University a truly global community.”

He said “it is abundantly clear that Houghton University is filling a deeply felt need in New York State and the northeast, (being) one of the few remaining options for students and families seeking a college or university that unashamedly and unapologetically integrates Christian worldview with academic excellence.

“As the norms and expectations of society and culture are ever-shifting, Houghton stands boldly and fearlessly on unchanging Biblical truth,” the president said, adding that the incoming class includes students with a wide range of academic interests from business and equestrian studies to music and the arts, also bringing with them a variety of talents and experiences, including leadership roles in their communities, athletic achievements and service projects.

Student Kingdom Ambassadors will be overseen by Peter Meilaender, dean of religion, humanities and global studies, and professor of political science, who said the students are dedicated to “fostering honest conversations about diversity and equality, motivated by love and respect for all members of the Houghton community and aiming at a greater appreciation of God’s kingdom in all its plurality and richness.”

He and Lewis will lead tonight’s presentation on Booker T. Washington and Industrial Education.

The October session will highlight W. E. B. Du Bois and the Talented Tenth and November will focus on Race, Freedom, and the Education of Black Children.

Readings associated with the discussions are available at https://bit.ly/45b6JeY.