Library services for individuals and families continue to evolve

Allegany Hope continues to be appreciative of libraries and the many services they have come to offer for individuals of all ages.

Lately, we have been able to obtain some assistance from Sarah Trumpp, information technology specialist at Wide Awake Club Library; Fillmore, NY, in working out some bugs and enhancing our new communities information website.

Sarah, along with individuals at some of the other 17 libraries in Allegany County, offer assistance to individuals, including seniors, who want to learn more about how to use computers, cell phone features, and sometimes other daunting elements of electronic equipment and gadgets.

With libraries having been around in various forms since the 7th Century B.C., they have continued to evolve.

The American Library Association identifies three contenders for the first public library in the United States, with Benjamin Franklin founding the Library Company of Philadelphia in November 1731, nearly 300 years ago (

Over 16,000 public library buildings and branches have been identified currently in the nation, with 2.6 million throughout the world.

Generally referred to as libraries, these community assets have become information and activities centers, something Franklin likely would have applauded, with computer use, videos, book readings and groups, children and adult educational programs, online services of all types and, at some locations, even fishing poles, Wi-Fi and hotspot lending initiatives.

A list of public libraries in Allegany County and beyond is available at

Individuals should contact libraries in their areas and check out websites and Facebook pages for information on what various facilities have to offer, and make appointments for specialized services.

Special services for the homebound and visually impaired also are available.

Photo: Sarah Trumpp, information technology specialist at the Wide Awake Club Library; Fillmore, NY.
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