Lights finally on throughout Allegany County

BREAKING: Lights are back on in all of Allegany County that we can identify, less than 24 hours before another prolonged high wind event is expected to hit Western New York.

Based on Rochester Gas and Electric (RG&E) online trackers, power was restored to more than 40 final outages in the West Clarksville area around 8PM, with less than a dozen more a short time thereafter by New York State Gas and Electric (NYSEG) in Swain in northeastern Allegany County.

Avangrid public relations personnel told Allegany Hope Community News earlier in the day that there were “no major issues” involving the restorations, and “this just comes down to time and making the repairs. Our crews are working to restore power as safely and quickly as they can.”

It appears that Allegany County was the hardest hit with service outages percentage-wise in the RG&E Western New York territory, with some 60 percent failures for extended hours Tuesday night into Wednesday, and all services out in some areas.

In the meantime, a HIGH WIND WATCH currently is in effect for Allegany County from 7PM Friday until 4AM Sunday, with wind gust projected to peak at around 60MPH late tomorrow night, die down and then come back and stay ata 50MPH-range levels from late morning Saturday throughout the day before diminishing slowly on Sunday.

Temperatures are projected to drop during the day Saturday, reaching single-digit windchills by late evening in Central Allegany County and continuing to drop Sunday to around the zero mark in windchills, due to brisk wind speeds, and remaining frigid through at least Wednesday.

Rain and snow potential also mix into the picture at various times, with some variations in adjoining counties.

A WINTER STORM WATCH, which replaces a prior Winter Storm Advisory, is in effect for Saturday afternoon through Monday morning in Cattaraugus and Wyoming counties west, and a WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY is in effect from 4PM Friday to 1AM Saturday in McKean and Potter counties, PA., both situations due to snow and winds.

A High Wind Watch means to be prepared for such occurrences, with a High Wind Warning meaning that such weather event is occurring or is imminent.

Storm preparations
Continue to Be Aware. Be Prepared. Stay Safe.TM as these weather events evolve and lessons are remembered from prior events in regard to preparation.

Prepare now for more power outage potentials. Secure outside loose items and be cautious, particularly with high profile vehicles, if there is a need to drive. Stay away from windows during windy periods.

Also check on those who are elderly or disabled, particularly as temperatures drop and plan now for pet safety.

As previously reported, many trees have developed resistance to normal southwest winds, but soft soils, combined with southeast winds, make conditions more susceptible to downed trees and power lines.

Additional information on preparation before, during and after strong winds is available at

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