Major power outages continue in Allegany County, with wind continuing and little restoration information

STORM UPDATE #6 – Wednesday morning: Nearly 5,000 Rochester Gas and Electric (RGE) power outages continue this morning in Allegany County, out of some 11,000 services, with near total blackouts in Bolivar-Richburg, Clarksville and the Friendship areas, with scattered pockets in other parts of the county which appear, only in those locations, to be slowly restored.

In the meantime, a WIND ADVISORY, downgraded last night from a High Wind Warning, continues until 7PM today for Allegany County, with some variations in adjoining geographic areas, and a WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY also has been posted now by the National Weather Service (NWS) at Buffalo for Cattaraugus and Wyoming counties west from 10AM today through 7PM Thursday.

Allegany Hope Community News has received no replies from RGE at this writing as to its queries for information as to what the power issues are, what they are doing about them, and restoration possibilities.

Allegany County Emergency Management Director Jeff Luckey says this morning that he, too, has no further information than what we reported on shortly after midnight this morning and also is attempting to learn more from RGE.

He said problems in major outage areas apparently stem from transmission problems which he is assuming runs between substations.

Extra repair crews are being dispatched into the area, according to a RGE report he received at approximately 10PM Tuesday night, with an assumption that conditions would improve overnight.

At approximately 7AM today, however, RGE only was providing information as to outages which approximated the numbers — 4,853 outages out of 11,023 services in the county as of this writing — showing on its website at

The number of power interruptions being reported in other parts of the county by National Grid at has decreased from approximately 150 to 94 out of 7,119 services at this writing.

Luckey commended the response by fire and EMS volunteers in the county and said that he understands most departments are manning operations at their stations, filling oxygen cylinders for individuals with need and assisting in other ways, and will do so until power is restored.

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Strong wind gusts, up to 50MPH by around 4PM, will continue today and will return at levels up to 30MPH Thursday, according to forecasters.

They then will come back again at the 40MPH levels late Friday night, continue for all of Saturday, and then gradually decrease through early Monday, according to NWS forecasts for Central Allegany County, with snow and rain mixed in at different times.

Variations will occur in some areas of Allegany and adjoining counties in New York and Pennsylvania.

Continued storm preparations
Continue to Be Aware. Be Prepared. Stay Safe.TM as these weather events evolve and lessons are learned in regard to preparation.

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Ongoing storm preparations
Continue to prepare for high winds and power interruptions, the NWS recommends.

“People should avoid being outside in forested areas and around trees and branches,” it warns. “If possible, remain in the lower levels of your home during the windstorm, and avoid windows. Use caution if you must drive.”

Conserve cell phone batteries if one is in an area without power, recharging fully if one goes to other areas. Check on family members and neighbors, particularly those who are elderly or disabled, for their well-being.

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